Bridge to Story

For The Novice

What type of new writer are you? Do you feel you have a lot to learn? Are you dead set on finding a publisher? Do you feel you're past being called a 'novice', but suspect that you still need to work more at being a stronger storyteller? Have you already self-published?

If you don't have the writer's lingo yet, it might be hard to offer constructive criticism to other beginner writers. If you're not sure about HOW it is all done, how can you even judge your own work?  Some novices even hold off starting to write because they want to KNOW the how to's first.

What are the crucial steps towards storytelling that all new writers crave? The fact is that gifts & talent are intangible, yet there are basic writing skills (story elements & craft basics) a novice writer may not realize they need to know. Talent and skill are both required.

Bridge to Story and my coaching foster better writing. These page-one skills are what this site and my book ‘TELL ME (HOW TO WRITE) A STORY, are about. These lessons are good, basic advice that answer your worries about “HOW is that done?”

Better writing can lead you to be free to risk new ways to write. And that can lead to what talents you have for storytelling coming closer to the surface in your writing. Skill can foster talent, and this site can foster those skills.

So don't toss away every other How to Write Fiction guide just yet. There will come a time when you are ready to learn the steps it takes to write a powerful proposal or query letter, How to go about finding an editor, agent or publisher, even the steps of self-publishing, and marketing your own novel may be in your future. But before you set out to submit and publish those pieces you'll do yourself a word of good by beginning here.