If you’d known me previously you might say you saw that high achiever. The head-of-household. Project Manager. Mom-type-figure. Go-to-person for info or explanations. That was me before life gave me an opening to become so much more.

That 'before' person, she wanted to talk to folks. Had so many questions: Why? Where? When? And other inquiries that seemed to soak up who or how you might have been.

But that woman was only the face of who I was. Under there is the person who extrapolated on your answers and built some wonderful scenarios in her mind around what we’d talked of together. A bit of magic in action. She can take any small bit of thought you expressed and work it up into who you meant to show yourself to be. The mid-wife to your ideas.

Doing that on the page, that magic, is storytelling.

The empathy in this magic is all self-serving. I quite simply loves stories; yours most particularly. I understand. You and that moment in time you’ve tried putting into words.

Selfish woman that I am, I want to teach the world to write their one well-written story, at the least. That’s why I lean in, with my eyes, engaged, alight with appreciation. I nod for you to go on. Your story matters to me. I want more. I want to help you go deeper into that world. Memoir. Fiction. Genres. Poetry.

Because under that face I’ve shown the world in my past working life, is the real life I’d prefer to live. Inside a story, within well-written worlds of someone’s design. Today, I don’t work per se; I write my own fiction, coach and edit others online, and teach creative writing classes face-to-face. How can Ithink it's work when I love it?

And helping the two of us see that place you’ve envisioned can’t truly be termed work, when it matters to me the way it does. It’s all I want to accomplish with the rest of my life. Teaching as much of the world to write their one well-written story.

Want to learn? Want to write at least one well-written story? Check the Coaching and Services pages here.

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