NaNoWriMo, from the folks at the Office of Letters and Light, (the event that asks you to write a 50,000 words in 30 days) began in 1999, but, being a late bloomer, I got into it November 2001.

It was a wonderful month. Actually, every year it’s a wonderful month. Year after year. The heaven of writing so intently that 50K words or more seem to magically end up on the page.

Since that first 2001 try, I’ve written first drafts in NaNoWriMo months, or completed final drafts in months after, of 10 full novels. And from them, I’ve culled enough short stories that I was able to add 6 of them to the 17 that make up the entire short story collection Claiming One (2012)
Pulling chapters from my various in-progress-novels and honing them to a newer perfection as short stories took a newer step.  Writing every day of the year is joy times 365.  
How can you say no to that much joy? Why would someone want to?
This year I released a debut novel, A House of Light & Stone (2014), which was my NaNo effort from 2003.

Then there 's been my 2008 effort that became the base for this Website and also my Writing Guide, Tell Me (How to Write) A Story (2013).

Part of this joy is firstly in the writing; that month of abandonment and camaraderie with other NaNo participants.

Part of it is in the continuing of the work beyond the month of excitement and bringing these 30-efforts into full sized, completed drafts of works. But things don’t end there.

The Magic 3rd Part is in the triangle where anticipating dreams and practicing craft come to fruition with the connecting of that last leg of work: that – for me- is the joy of editing to the point of the completed work. 

Yea NaNoWorMo! Long live Joy of Writing.