"I participated in one of your events and I had the honor of working with EJ Runyon on my current WIP. Where did you find this lady, she is brilliant. I bought her book, have a new view on my work and I imagine you will probably see that very manuscript submitted through your services because she is a rock star. She you should call her the Story whisperer. (LOL!) I just wanted to say that. Thank you for the event and the opportunity to work with Ms. Runyon. " 

Selfish woman that I am, I want to teach the world to write their one well-written story, at the least. That’s why I lean in, with my eyes, engaged, alight with appreciation. I nod for you to go on. Your story matters to me. I want more. I want to help you go deeper into that world. Memoir. Fiction. Genres. Poetry.

Here's an older blog I wrote, about Why I Want To Teach the World to Write Their One Well-Written Story

Mostly it comes down to this:

Under that face I’ve shown the world in my past working life, is the real life I’d prefer to live. Inside a story, within well-written worlds of someone’s design. Today, I don’t work per se; I write my own fiction, coach and edit others online, and teach creative writing classes face-to-face. How can Ithink it's work when I love it?

And helping the two of us see that place you’ve envisioned can’t truly be termed work, when it matters to me the way it does. It’s all I want to accomplish with the rest of my life. Teaching as much of the world to write their one well-written story.

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