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Here’s a quick sketch of a teenage boy with problems at home and at school. Just under 100 words. This writer didn’t start writing about him from purely his side of things. To show who and what he is up against she began the piece this way, with Ramon’s mother speaking first.

“What does she mean by this?”
“I don’t know Mom, she just wrote it.”
“You’re in her class. Who should know? Me?”
“—Damn right, no.” Mom bends, reaching into the fridge, “So what does she mean—” Slap. “In spite of yourself?” The lunch-meat hits the table. “Is that a crack, Ramon?”
“I don’t know, Mom.”
“Well, we’ll see about this. You can bet on it mister.”
There are things I’d like to say to her. But I kept quiet. Ducking the sounds of Mom roughing up our lunches as she stuffed them into little brown bags.

As far as story telling goes:

    • Did you notice that Ramon doesn’t have the best lines in this exchange?
    • That there are none of the usual ‘He said, she said, I said’ attributes here?
    • That action is intermixed in the Mom’s dialogue to convey her state of mind and mood?

Think about edits to your work that do this type of telling dialogue.

Here’s a link to the full lesson on my Bridge to Story blog
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