Here's an excerpt from my upcoming New book, 'TELL ME (HOW TO WRITE) A STORY: Good, Basic Advice for Novices Ready To Write.’

It'll be out mid-October, from Inspired Quill (UK) 

About My New Book

Do you feel ready to write? Are you just waiting for that last bit of info about writing well and you’re sure you‘ll be able to sit down and do some writing? This may be the book for you. 'TELL ME (HOW TO WRITE) A STORY: Good, Basic Advice for Novices Ready To Write' takes you through the first steps of what a story needs to be written well or improved on with edits 

Too many books tell you ‘What’ you need to do but don’t explain ‘Why’ that needs exists. Without explaining and giving examples to help your understanding, craft basics can feel restricting or unbearable.

You’ll learn, with How and Why sections, through writing examples from real novices. This allows you jump into storytelling with these solid practices for getting your ideas from your mind to the page.


Part 1: Thinking About Building A Story

You might begin writing straight from your mind. Something you’ve envisioned or dreamt. But a great story requires more than the gift of ideas. This section will take you through the first steps for understanding what a story needs to be complete. You’ll learn about premise, plot, and the ‘what if?’ questions you need to ask to make original ideas into fully formed story plans.